24. -30. September 2018

Tantric massage reveres the human in all its facets as divine and perfect. Through the body, it touches the soul, and welcomes its expression and emotions. This opens a space, not easy to explain with words. You have to feel it to realize the magic. One week we will take the time to open this space and to go deeper and deeper into it. 


We will give to you a tender and at the same time profound instruction for the ritual of classic tantric massage. Thereby we will accentuate and explore both poles: to give and to receive. We will give the complete massage sequence, so that on the end everyone will be able to give a complete massage and has come to enjoy the pleasure of receiving.


We also integrate the intimate massage in a loving and attentive way. 


No touch is more intensive than that of our genitals. Often we are not able to worship our erogenous zones, nor allow ourselves to be worshipped. We maybe carry a great longing for a loving touch with us, but also fear and shame. It is about time to give our genitals back the attention and love they deserve.

The tantric yoni & lingammassage is a wonderful way of reclaiming back deep sensations and sensibility. It opens a realm of experience where we can face our sexuality in a nourishing and salutary way accompanied by understanding, acceptance and awareness.


We devote this weekend to the center of our life, to the sacred birthplace of our bodies and convey tantric knowledge and soft techniques to meet yoni and lingam with full respect.


Personal borders and process will be appreciated and respected.


We will be happy to meet you!

With love


Jana & Sahra



Seminarfee 680 €

Early Bird 630 € till 1. August 2018 

Repeaters 380 €

+ Accommodation & board from 288, -€ on.  





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Thought in English and German.


Off into a sensual winter !