CI meets Tantra

Authentic movement and touch in focus

23.-26. March 2017 @ Lake Studios

"The beauty about interacting is to meet in one"  



Through deep sensing and listening, we want to open ourselves this days to the spontaneous and creative flow of reality. In both, in dance and massage we flow through the unknown and find in the fullness of the moment our own individual expression.


Through loving and present touch & encounter we nourish and value every cell in our body and lead it back to his natural sensitivity and openness. By embracing life with all our senses, we come in contact with the indwelling joy of life and wholeness. 


Contact Improviastion is a wonderful access to be present in the body and in the encounter with others. It is a non-stop flow from moment to moment, open in all directions. We meet and create our own language, out of the moment.


 And if we're all at the moment, total absorbed by what we do, it sometimes happens that we disappear. A mystical space opens up and we are in tune with a living whole. These are deep and blissful moments, whose secret we want to explore. 


Inspired by the Kashmiric Tantra Massage, the yoga of touch, the massage becomes a dance and we gift us with slow meditative touches and loving worship.


Intuitive and flowing strokes, common breathing and slow and gentle movement of the body lead us into our inner being and connect us with our partner and the world. We open again the space for closeness, sensuality and trust.


In silence, free of intention & thoughts, we turn completely inside and dive into the immediate perception in which there is no separation.


Personal boundaries are lovingly seen and accepted.


We look forward to share a beautiful time with you , in which the body in movement and touch is in focus and the two research fields CONTACT & TANTRA may enrich and complet each other.


With Love

Charlie & Jana


The seminar will cover nudity ,very natural & respect full ! 


For registration ,thoughts & questions write us to:


Seminar Times:

Thursday :18:00 to 23:00 

Friday: 10:00 to 19:00

Saturday : 10:00 to 20:00

Sunday: 10:00 to 19:00 


Seminar Fee : 260,- €


Thought in german & english


Venue :

Lake Studios

Scharnweberstrasse 27

12587 Friedrichshagen Berlin