Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems in the world. The nameconsists of two words of Sanskrit, "Ayu" (= all aspects of life frombirth to death) and "Veda" (= knowledge).


If it is possible, to let this 'knowledge of a long and full life'become a guiding principle of our daily existence, it is a art ofliving, which exploits optimally our individual capacity for physical, mentaland spiritual wellbeing. This makes clear, that Ayurveda has not only the function to curedisease, but rather works in a preventive manner as well.


In Ayurvedic teaching the knowledge of the interaction of all elementson earth is fundamental and all-pervasive.So these forces also act in humans: Ether, air, fire, water and earth moving, transforming and sustaining principles.The special, individual constitution of each person results from the ownweight of these elements and their effects.


These are 3 constitution energies (doshas): Vata, Pitta and Kapha.In their normal state of development, they support the physiologicalprocesses of the body. In abnormal condition, they lead to differentpathological processes in the human organism.The doshas are always in relationship to each other and are inseparable,we can imagine this interaction as a scale with three bowls.


VATA carries the elements ether and air and stands for the principle ofmotion.


People with a high proportion of Vata are more tender and delicate, theyhave a thin translucent skin, the hair is bright and fine, and thejoints and bones can emerge clearly visible.Among others, they are veryimaginative and creative, enthusiastic, expressive, lively, often theyspeak and move quickly.


When Vata is out of balance, the people are often nervous, anxious,suffer from insomnia and loss of concentration. Bloating, feeling cold,dehydration are also possible consequences of a Vata imbalance.


PITTA represents the elements of fire and water and the principle oftransformation.


Physical characteristics are a middle-strong, well-proportionedphysique, clear bright eyes, strong, rather thin, soft, silky, shinyhair and a powerful voice. Pitta people have a lot of energy, arefocused and precise, dynamic and dominant.


A pitta imbalance may turn these people into heatedly , unfair,unforgiving, unrelenting, despondent and mentally immobile and can bealso result in discomfort such as the disturbance of appetite, digestionand thirst, disturbances of vision and reduction of physical appearance.


KAPHA is characterised by the elements of water and earth. Kaphas traitsare preservation and continuity.


People with a high proportion of Kaphahave dense, often dark hair, a solid thicker skin, the body is strongand well-proportioned, the joints are strong and well oiled. The eyesare large with voluminous eyelashes and eyebrows. The mind is calm,stable, persistent and patient, the soft voice, pleasant and deeply.


If KAPHA is imbalanced, these people tend to swing towards apathy, lethargy, mentalinertia and ignorance. Physical consequences can be loss of appetite,obesity through orgies of foot, infertility and impotence.


The aim of Ayurvedic treatments is to balance the doshas.


ABHYANGA (full body massage)

With warm herbal oil: The oils are chosen individually for the respective constitution (vata, pitta, kapha). Multiple beneficial effects: inter alia Strengthening the connection between body, mind and spirit, reduce muscle and joint pain, skin cleansing, toning the body, combats fatigue and insomnia, stimulates the metabolism, detoxifying and relaxing.


1 hour 70, - € / 1.5 hours 90, - € / 2 hours 120, - €

SYNCHRONOUS ABHYANGA (4 - Handed full body oil massage)

A very special and deeply relaxing experience. The body is wrapped in four loving hands with warm oil.


1 hour 125, - € / 1.5 hours 165  - €

UDVARTANA (rubdown with warm oil-spice powder or paste)

Astringent and cleansing effect. Dissolves toxins and fights cellulite and fat reducing, strengthening the immune system and internal organs.


1 hour 70, - € / 1.5 hours 90, - €


Synchronous 1 hour 125, - € / 1.5 hours 165, - €

GARSHAN MASSAGE (massage with silk gloves)

An activating and the metabolism and lymph stimulating massage, works weight-reducing (Kapha reducing). Friction stimulates the sensory nervous system, the skin is cleansed, well supplied with blood and removed from  slags.


1 hour 70, - € / 1.5 hours 90, - €


Synchronous 1 hour 125, - € / 1.5 hours 165, - €


SHIRO and MUKABHYANGA (head-facial, neck and shoulder massage)

Gentle strokes with special warm herbal oil for facial massage.The treatment brings deep relaxation and timelessness. Gently holding of the Marma points, sharpens perception and curb the flow of thought.Has a relaxing effect on headaches, stress, over work, emotional life positively influenced and is helpful in grief, very generative.


45 minutes 50, - €

UPANAHASVEDA (shoulder, neck, back massage)

With heated herbal oils and heat application, if desired with comfrey paste application. Soothes tense muscles, ideally go with chronic tension for example:  office work, long car driving , emotional or physical stress.


45 minutes 50, - €

PADABHYANGA (foot and leg massage)


A soothing massage with delicate massage movements and deletions to the feet and calves. Relaxing and balancing effect on the whole body, good for insomnia and nervousness, stimulation of all organs, similar to reflexology.


45 minutes 50, - €