Tantra is the path of totality

For tantra there is no separation between light and darkness, between the human and the divine. Duality is only an illusion and heaven and earth are united in truth. Tantra is a profound encounter with the reality of life. Life is experienced with all the senses, and imbued with consciousness. Nothing is rejected, the reality is seen, accompanied by deep Accept and Allow.Tantra says  truth freed and consciousness is the way. A quiet mind, free of interpretation and old concepts prepares the ground on which the flower of unity and perfection always can blossom again, here and now.Tantra is through and through a path of experience and humanity. It allows us all our feelings and desires. It want to withdraw the deep divisions in us and open us for probably the biggest gift,  to be spontaneous and natural and flow with life.



7.-13. May 2018 @ Gottsdorf close to Berlin


The tantric massage is a declaration of love to the human body, told through touch. It creates proximity and intimacy and opens us to experience a deep connection with ourselves, our partner and the world.


In a safe and nurturing space, amongst women, we will experience and express the magic of the tantric massage. One week we will apply ourselves to the various facets of this erotic art, each day exploring a new dimension of the tantric massage.


24. -30. September 2018 @ Gottsdorf close to Berlin


Tantric massage reveres the human in all its facets as divine and perfect. Through the body, it touches the soul, and welcomes the expression and emotions of the soul. This is open a space, not easy to explain with words. You have to feel it to realize the magic. One week we will take the time to open this space and to go deeper and deeper into it. 

Places we go


Thank you Johan for your sensitive eye.

Wonderful how you made this inner journey visible.


Filmed at our Contact & Tantra Laboratorio 2014 @ Ponderosa